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Brandon Rogers brogers at terrix.com
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OK of course this is getting more complicated than I hoped.  Here's where I am.  If there is a GB then the organizer has to collect money and get all rads shipped there - then he will have to distribute.  I wanted to avoid that whole ordeal but if enough people want these things then I guess it would be "for the greater good", right....

Tony L was using his head and suggested I ask them if they have a 4kq pattern which would leave out the two upper aux rad nipples - waiting to hear back on that.  They will not weld them off because it won't pass QC.  Rich L said he found caps at a hardware store in case you want to have that option. 

So I'll have more info later today and I'll let you guys know the deal.  In the meantime if you're thinking about getting an alum rad this may be a good time - so get ready to pony up - within a day or so - Monday latest.  This won't be cheap but it will be high quality with a dicount of $85 - $100.

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  talking with Ron Davis Radiators - their standard template for the urq radiator has the 2 fittings for the hoses for the aux rad.  I was thinking I would delete the aux rad.  I just got an email saying if they have to re-program the build in order to delete the 2 nipples it would add to the cost - he suggested they be capped.

  Question- what do you suggest for a cap(s)? - can't just run a loop of hose 'cuz they're different sizes... 


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