[urq] ALUM RAD GB Monday deadline

Brandon Rogers brogers at terrix.com
Thu Sep 22 19:08:30 EDT 2005

OK it's time to crap or get off the pot.  

If you're thinking about an aluminum radiator now is probably a good time.

$565 base price for a first class ur-quattro aluminum radiator from Ron Davis Radiators - check out their website - just add dotcom.  Last time I tried to put the link in the email my post kept getting denied.

This comes standard with ALL the radiator shroud and a/c attachment points, temp switch threads, etc and the nipples for the aux rad.  It's a full-on bolt in.  I have a great pic of the radiator I can send you if you want it.  THEY CAN AND WILL MAKE THEM WITHOUT THE NIPPLES (Nipple Delete (tm)) FOR THE AUX RAD - see below.

They will only do this discount if we - me I guess :-(    collect all the money and they ship to one address.  If we get only 3 TOTAL rads they will discount 15% - that's $85 each - or a price of $480 before shipping and any Nipple Delete (tm) charge.  Shipping will be like $20 -$25 each to me - and then I will have to ship to you - cost TBD but let's figure $25 for now.  They said they are swamped figure a good 6 weeks for delivery  - bummer my rad is leaking now....

To make the radiator WITHOUT the 2 nipples for the aux rad there is a $100 set up fee - this can be shared among those who want it made like this.

There is nothing in this for me other than saving $85 if a couple more guys jump in  - and sharing the Nipple Delete fee - but I need a radiator (but I don't want just any radiator...)

So if you want one of these let me know by Monday. We'll figure out the exact pricing based on how many want the Nipple Delete (tm) version.  Then I'll order and you can send me a check or paypal (add 2%).


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