[urq] hesitation, bucking on takeoff

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Sat Sep 24 20:47:53 EDT 2005

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benswann at comcast.net writes:

This  problem has gotten progressively worse on my '83.  Earlier this summer  
she was running great with no problems except the occasional hard start.  
Now, particualarly after warm and mostly after shutting down and starting  
after 15 min. or so, the car bucks and hesitates like crazy on takoff,  
mostly in first gear, if I double clutch it enough to get som momentum  going 
and shift into a higher gear it'll pull fine and then seems fine at  higher 
speed or cruising.  It has gotten really annoying as often  won't get out of 
its own way when taking off at a stoplight.

I know  it is not the fuel pump cutting out.  O2 sensor has been replaced and 
attempt at adjusting the mixture make no difference.  The ignition  
components are new, incl. coil.

I suspect control pressure, as this  happens after it is good and warm. 
Sometime is hard to start and stalls  out after starting fine and then want 
stay running without giving the  particular magic footwork to the throttle. 
I had recently cleaned airflow  sensor and filter, and all was right and it 
ran good until it started  doing this.

Really strange as it seems to have full power once going  over about 7 MPH 
but off the line bucks like crazy.

Any ideas or  BTDT.



Check and see what your tach does during these episodes. If it drops and  
bounces, it is probably an ignition problem. If not, then fuel is the culprit.  
Do you have a fuel pressure gauge?

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