[urq] Another electrical question...

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Wed Sep 28 03:30:44 EDT 2005

I think the archives have reported that the wiring diagram listed for '84 in 
Bentley pretty well matches the '83 cars in my and other listers' 
experience.  I did manage to get the "official" wiring diagram for the '83 
from Audi ... one of the benefits of being an owner since when Audi actually 
remembered building these things ... ;-)

The fuel pump relay receives ground from the F/TCU (AKA ECU) pin 16,  the 
wire is coded G/V {Grn/Vio?) and there is a one pin connector "T1e" which is 
quoted to ber "behind dash" ...

The tach connects to terminal "1" on the ignition coil ... R/BK/Y wire 
connects to connector "C19" on the fuse box.  Interestingly it appears that 
there is an unused pin on the fusebox "A5" which has the tach signal.  The 
tach attaches to pin "D15" on the fuse box ... same color code ...

Steve B
San Jose, CA (USA)

>I do not have schematics for an '83 specifically. I've found that the
> situation in my car matches the '84 schematics pretty closely, though it
> sounds like yours definitely does not.
> If I can get the FPR ground trigger wired up and find out where to connect
> the RPM signal wire, I can pretty much seal up the inside of the car,
> everything else that needs to go on is under the hood.

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