[urq] 1983-1985 differences

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Yes, please. I would like to see what gauge and colors they are.




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Martin, I think you're wrong on this one. My '85 has 3 factory wires going
to the radiator thermoswitch. Maybe only the cars w/ AC got this, but there
are definitely 3 wires to the thermoswitch. I can send a photo if you'd


Andrew Finney

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On 3/7/06, martin at quattro.ca <martin at quattro.ca> wrote: 


Nope, only the two pins.
4kq used all three.
However because of part commonality, the two pin sensor was superseeded to 
a three pin.

Hope this helps.

> I believe all three pins on the rad thermoswitch were used in '84 and '85,
> at least in the US.
> Andrew Finney
> 1983 and 1985 UrQs. 


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