[urq] Brake job : best setup for the street ? 15x7.5 BBS

Eric Renneisen racingiron at comcast.net
Wed Apr 5 07:32:43 EDT 2006

No way to know without test fitting one.  The clearance for the 15x8 R8s
is very tight--so much so that I have to watch the placement of the
balance weights.

Eric R.
'86 urq
'93 S4

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Doeasn't work with SQ callipers.. maybe with Porsche monoblocks.. 

Martin Pajak


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... the 15x7.5s are designed to accomodate the UFO rotors, so if the 
interference is in that area you would imagine that they would also work

Steve B
San Jose, CA (USA)

> You think they would work with the 200 20V BBS wheels?
>> Martin Pajak
>>> Why not?  I "hate" anything other than 8" Ronal or 7" Fuchs on that 
>>> car. So.. for me stock application or SQ calipers are the only way. 
>>> No hard feelings.. :)
>> Well, not the only way.  I've got Porsche 986 monoblocs (OK, OK, 
>> Boxster
>> calipers) over 300x25 rotors under the Ronals.  Fantastic improvement
>> over G60s, and pedal travel is back where it should be (I can
>> again!).  I was able to get them to fade at Barber Motorsports Park
>> year, but only after what I would consider very severe abuse.  I was
>> actually over-braking on purpose because I was so pleased with the
>> setup!  After years of babying the G60s, the braking performance and
>> feedback made me giddy.
>> Oh, and my setup doesn't work with the Fuchs (or the 6" Ronals).  I'm

>> hoping I can mount them with a spacer, but maybe not.

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