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I don't see how you can really pressure test this, as it is open to the
airflow sensor plate which would pass air.  That is why I didn't catch it
since when I pressure tested, air just goes out the intake.  Yes you have
confirmed that your manifold area after the throttle is tight.


The only way I could find this leak was to remove the hoses and inspect.
The leak was opening up under driving conditions - I'd get the engine
running great in the garage, but it would buck and stumble under accel as
the leak was opening up when the engine move some.


If you have a similar leak, it may be in a different spot, and I'm just
using what I found as a case in point.  I was positive there were no leaks,
but under the clamp, it was split  - you could not see it without removing
the clamp.



All I'm saying is it sound like sometimes your engine is riunning rich -
hence no freq. valve.  Then at other times the leak opens up and the freq
valve does all kinds of interesting things.  I'd be searching for something
like this, especially after exhausting other possibilities like you've done.


Another source of leaks I found was that the O-rings for the injectors were
loose - there are different sizes and my dealer sold me a set that did not
allow the injector to seal - it pretty much wigled around in the seat.  Many
other potential leak areas, and I simply resorted to tearing all lines out
and replacing or at least making sure they were tight by removing and





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I searched for months - nearly a year to sort out such flakyness.  Replaced
most everything - swapped and sorted.  Replaced all vac lines, injectors,
CIS, etc.

Anyway, I finally found the massive airleak - not obvious, untill I found
it.  Was under the clamp of the hose going into the turbo.  

Make sure you are not overlooking something like this.  You have the
symptoms!  Take all that turbo plumbing out and inspect it.

My UrQ now starts right away everytime and runs great.


benswann at comcast.net

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My 83 is still being a bit of a puzzle. That's the nicest way I can put  it.

Symptoms: Frequency Valve operation comes and goes _very_  sporadically.

Actions so far:

New hall sender
New O2 sensor
new wire from ECU to FV
3 different FV
3 different (and verified) temp sensors
3 different flywheel sensors
3 different ECU's
Air temp sensor readings within spec
replaced fuel pump

For my money, that pretty much covers the bases. No amount of wire wiggling
(including the back of the fuse panel) will re-produce or stop the effect.

Where do I go from here?




I pressure tested it last week as I was looking into this problem and no
leaks to 18 psi.



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