[urq] Strut cartridge recommendations

Rich Letsinger rletsinger at gmail.com
Tue Apr 11 14:22:23 EDT 2006

Well, we are getting opposite reports on Konis from Martin and Andrew.
Martin says "rock hard" on stiff and still too much compression damping on
soft.  Andrew seems to be reporting not enough compression damping and hence
bottoming out with the stock springs.

Let me expound on my comments.  The Koni Sports (yellow) that I know are
only adjustable in rebound.  From my experice, the compression damping
(which isn't adjustable) is significantly less than the Bilstien Sports.
This would cause the behavior Andrew is reporting with stock springs.  It's
Bilstiens with stiff springs (I'm not talking H&R Sports here, I mean truely
stiff springs in a coilover suspension) that's going to give you the "rock
hard" ride (I experienced this).

With stiff springs (mine are 325/375), the Konis give better ride and

With stock springs the Bilstiens will make up for the lack of spring rate
with higher compression damping.  This will keep the car from borroming out,
give better dive/squat control and a sharper feel.


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