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Kenneth Keith auditude at gmail.com
Sun Apr 16 00:28:36 EDT 2006

Speaking of CAC group buys, Barbie McMillan, aka "mystified" on
Audiworld, is currently putting together a group buy of CAC
taillights.  Most people are getting all-red or smoked Type 44
taillights, and I'm picking up a set of  "4 piece" (I'm going to have
the sheet metal showing around the plate area) smoked ones for my
4kstq project.  She has obtained a discount with Paul, so I would
think that it is not out of the question to get a discount on exhausts
if a group buy is put together for them.  I'm paying "double" shipping
and it's still less expensive than if I were to buy direct without the
group buy discount.



Gary Erickson <gary at rainymountain.com>
> Martin Pajak wrote:
> > The units from Paul at Custom Auto Craft are 100 % better and way cheaper.
> > THose are the once to get a GB on!!
> It's funny you should mention the CAC exhausts --
> There is a fellow that it putting together a _West_Coast_ group purchase
> on CAC products right now.  Predominantly full exhausts for CQ's; to the
> best of my knowledge, I'm the only urq buyer on the list.
> There hasn't been any confirmation that Paul will give a discount for a
> large number of purchases -- this endeavor was started by the individual
> as a way for a number of people to save on shipping by sending them all
> over in one lot.
> Hence the West Coast only part; having the lot come to Seattle and then
> having to reship individual units back east would quickly negate any
> savings.
> If anybody in WA, OR, CA, or ID is interested right NOW, shoot me an
> email and I'll put you in touch with the fellow coordinating the purchase.
> later,
> -Gary
> '82 ur-q #056
> '94 urS4

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