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My tuppence ... have you checked the KB?

Steve B
San Jose, CA (USA)

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Subject: '83 Ur

> Hi guys,
> Just thought I'd throw a quick question out to the Ur fanatics out 
> there. An '83 has come up for sale locally for a pretty good price. 
> Sounds like it's in reasonable condition with low mileage (~110,000 kms) 
> and looks reasonably tidy in the pics. Anything important to know about 
> the very early ones?
> Looks like it doesn't have a bootlid spoiler on it. The wheels are 5 
> bolt ronals, but not the dished (inset rim) ones.
> Would be aiming to EFI the engine, and generally tidy it up a bit. These 
> are CIS right?
> Also, would the konis inserts from my '85 CQ fit into an '83 Ur?
> Thanks for any feedback
> Duncan

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