[urq] RE : Data point for hard starts when hot....

Louis-Alain Richard laraa at sympatico.ca
Sat Apr 22 10:54:24 EDT 2006

Well, Martin, I think you might want to revise your judgment of the
injector cooling fan. It is indeed a lot easier to start now, like it
always did.

And to add another data point, I reinstalled my own stock ECU (I was
using Brady's chipped ECU since February) and unplug the injector
cooling fan switch, to rule out the fact that a chipped ECU may be
harder to start when hot. 

Result: yes, the engine is very long to start when the fan is not
working, even with a stock ECU. Later the same day, I reconnected the
switch, drove the car on the highway, stopped, waited 15 minutes, and
she restarted right now ! So maybe the German engineers were right when
they mandated this system on the Turbo CIS cars... It has a role, even
if it is just to prevent evaporation when the engine is stopped.

BTW, those of you who have problems with hot starts, be sure that the
"intake" hose of the injector cooling fan is there, as it draws cool air
from bellow the engine compartment... Item 17, page 1-33, 18-00


> Let us know... I found it to be useless in Canadian
> summers anyway.
> The real problem was usually a leaky injector or system that did not
hold pressure for one or another reason.
> --
> Martin Pajak
> > Louis-Alain Richard
> >
> > So today, which is as hot as yesterday, will prove or
> contradicts that
> > this fan has a real role in helping the hot starts.
> Fingers crossed.

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