[urq] RE : Data point for hard starts when hot....

Martin Pajak martin at quattro.ca
Sat Apr 22 13:28:57 EDT 2006


My point was that the fan would usually mask an alredy present problem.
I have never had any trouble starting any of my 10v cars without the fan.
And if I did, I would usually find something that would cause it.

The fan prevents vapour lock from occuring, if the system holds pressure
obviously vapour lock will/should not occur in the first place.

Just my $0.02
Keep your fan and it will save you from fixing the real hot start problem.

Hope this helps.
Martin Pajak


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> Louis-Alain Richard
> Well, Martin, I think you might want to revise your judgment of the
> injector cooling fan. It is indeed a lot easier to start now, like it
> always did.
> And to add another data point, I reinstalled my own stock ECU (I was
> using Brady's chipped ECU since February) and unplug the injector
> cooling fan switch, to rule out the fact that a chipped ECU may be
> harder to start when hot.
> Result: yes, the engine is very long to start when the fan is not
> working, even with a stock ECU. Later the same day, I reconnected the
> switch, drove the car on the highway, stopped, waited 15 minutes, and
> she restarted right now ! So maybe the German engineers were right when
> they mandated this system on the Turbo CIS cars... It has a role, even
> if it is just to prevent evaporation when the engine is stopped.
> BTW, those of you who have problems with hot starts, be sure that the
> "intake" hose of the injector cooling fan is there, as it draws cool air
> from bellow the engine compartment... Item 17, page 1-33, 18-00
> (http://filebox.vt.edu/users/rfitton/ETKA/1_33_18-00.pdf)
> Louis-Alain
>> Let us know... I found it to be useless in Canadian
>> summers anyway.
>> The real problem was usually a leaky injector or system that did not
> hold pressure for one or another reason.
>> --
>> Martin Pajak
>> > Louis-Alain Richard
>> >
>> > So today, which is as hot as yesterday, will prove or
>> contradicts that
>> > this fan has a real role in helping the hot starts.
>> Fingers crossed.

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