[urq] Brake servo difference?

mikedes156 at aol.com mikedes156 at aol.com
Sun Apr 23 14:14:55 EDT 2006

The Brake Servo on my 83 has been constantly leaking for the past six 
months, and I have to keep putting ATF in it every week. I couldn't 
find the appropriate rebuld kit , but I did manage to get a complete, 
tight unit removed from an 87ur in the UK. I figured my rainy one day 
off a week, today was a good day to tackle the job. (No you can't 
remove it without taking off the Master Cylinder, I tried.) OK, so I 
have the old unit off, but when I compare it to the replacement, the 
new Servo has the plunger shaft extending 80mm longer than the original 
  unit! Hmmmm, so should I swap the shafts, put the new one in with the 
pedal that far up, or what? I'd think they would all be the same unless 
RHD uses a different length. I guess I won't get it finished today. 

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