[urq] well finally started my urq up for the first time since Carlise last year...

MICHAEL CUNNINGHAM mtsea at prodigy.net
Mon Apr 24 18:56:12 EDT 2006

Frikkin' short still has me stymied. I'm having the car shipped to a local mech who's a freak at fixing audi's and subaru's. Claims he can find and fix the short on his lunch break, good luck. Anyway before I can do that I need to figure out where this mysterious smoke is coming from. Fired the car up and it runs fine yet just below the cover plate that sepreates the exhaust manifold from the FI lines near the wastegate a small stready stream of smaoke billows out from under the cover plate. My problem is that I have a tight garage so I can't get under the car to well to see where the smoke is coming from. Definately not fuel or antifreeze and the WX is barely (i should say hardly) warm before this smoke appears. not sure if its a pressure control line or oil line that maybe faulty. It would be kick-ass if it was an electrical line that was burning which in trun causes my short but the audi gods aren't that nice. Any BTDT's I will have a better idea once the car is shipped
 to the mech, however i would like to fix it before that happens.
  Secondly pt# 035 145 735 the oil pipe that runs from the turbo to the block is awfully wet and the pressure fitted ends are rather rusty. Anything special I need to know in order to replace it?  Thanks Mike C

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