[urq] Sports Car Revolution and urq promotion

Brady Moffatt brady at regal-mtl.com
Tue Apr 25 16:32:44 EDT 2006

Any new news?

Cheers, Brady
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Ok guys. Lets hope this is the real deal this time..
Here is an email I sent to Tom Hnatiw, and his response, which only took two


  I just saw the episode of SCR with the Merkur in it. Kaz rang off a list
80's turbo machinery without mentioning the Audi quattro! I spoke
with you bit last year about getting some exposure for this car. I have been
the instigator the last 3 years for an annual meeting of these cars, which
turned out to be the largest gathering of Audi quattros in North America. I
spoke briefy to you at LRP last year also. I hope this year, or in the near
future, we can hook up and get something together to bring this great car
back into the front of "car guys" memory. I even have a connection to two
beautiful Sport quattros.
What do you think?

Gary Brown

Tom Hnatiws Reply:


Now's the time. Please send us some names of folks who'd like to be involved
in a test on SCR.

Thanks very much for watching the show and especially for taking the time to

Best regards,

Tom Hnatiw
Westward Wind Productions

Those who are interested please contact me off list

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