[urq] Clutch pedal squeak

Ado Sigal a.sigal at bluewin.ch
Wed Apr 26 01:52:09 EDT 2006

Michael Hopton wrote:

>On my '85 ur-q and '86 4000q the clutch pedal squeaks when you let it
>up only when it is rainy/damp outside? The rest of the time it is quiet.
>I have the clutch firewall brace on my ur-q so I don't think it is
>a firewall flex issue, any suggestions?
>Cheers, Mike
If not from firewall or loose pedal frame, the squeak indicates lack of 
lube, so inspect and lube (spray grease, or dismantle) clutch plunger 
pin, spring pins, and pedal shaft (even though the bushes are plastic). 
While you in there, also lube the brake plunger pin .

HTH & regards,


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