[urq] NF / MC2 Cam Question??

Brady Moffatt brady at regal-mtl.com
Thu Apr 27 13:08:39 EDT 2006


I was under the impresion that MC1 cams were the same as NF cams and early
NG cams, and that later NG cams were the same as MC2 cams. The MC2/later NG
was the hotter of the 2, IIRC. So, you may have it backwards.

http://www.humanspeakers.com/audi/engines.htm should tell you more, though
there are no lift specs.


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OK, I just got my "New" NF head in and have a question about the cam
options.  I had Chris send me a MC1 cam with it.  It was also brought to
my attention that the NF cam already in the head was actually the same
as the MC2 can and is actually an upgrade over the MC1 cam.  Is this
true?  Should I just use the NF cam with the NF head on the MC1 bottom
end (end ad the MC1 cam to my collection of heavy metal parts)?  Thanks


OBTW I am going to attempt my own port and polish job on the head.
Nothing nuts, but a good port match and free up a few tight spots in the
bowl.  Fingers crossed.

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