[urq] Damn intake manifold

Ado Sigal a.sigal at bluewin.ch
Fri Apr 28 20:27:32 EDT 2006

Thatcher Hubbard wrote:

>  The problem now is the existing IM.  I've gotten 5 of the 8 bolts
>off with it in the car, they weren't even that bad.  But the bolts
>(which you would think would be hardened) are easy to spin out of, and
>I've done that on two of them, and they are quite shallow, so they are
>essentially useless. 
One has to shock all allen key bolts with a large hammer and solid rod, 
some time several times before been able to unscrew them. Same goes for 
any other allen key type screw on the car. Otherwise, the key slot is 
rounded and much frustrating work follows. Penetrating oil helps 
significantly, especially after the first shock treatment. Next time 
change those bolts with hex head or torx, but always renew them in any 
case. Try shock - p / oil - shock - vigorous IM shake, and once again 
try the allen key hammered all the way in (nothing to loose, since they 
are already rounded). Failing that, try torx (not triple square) which 
is close enough to hammer in. Usually they come out with one or the 
other but if not, make the top of a 7 mm allen into conical 6 mm and 
hammer it in. Must use 1/4 inch extension and U-J for IM job.

Best of luck


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