[urq] What is everyone's opinion about Audi's parts

Michael Hopton Michael at siliconoptix.com
Tue Aug 1 12:55:16 EDT 2006

I think Audi have come along way in North America, a large
part of that has been due to the quality of their products
and design. I also think "quattro" has been a very unique
and marketable advantage. Along those lines I think they
have dropped the ball. The current A3 with 2.0FSI is only
available as FWD, as are most of the A4 2.0FSI. How many
other car manufacturers now offer four wheel drive, in 
some form or another.

The residual values on Audi's in the Toronto area is too
depressing ever to tempt me to buy a new one. At least the
equivalent Beemer or Merc holds its residual value. Add
to this parts pricing, availability, servicing cost and
the lack of independent mechanics and I agree with James. 

They are on the tip of a slippery slope, and they don't
even have quattro any more....

cheers, Mike

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