[urq] What is everyone's opinion about Audi's parts

Steve Eiche seiche at shadetreesoftware.com
Tue Aug 1 13:29:08 EDT 2006

My neighbor was told that his brakes, and suspension were no longer being covered as those items were now considered "wear and tear" items like tires, and would no longer be covered under warranty.  While you may say that it is not true, he paid the invoices, not Audi and was given a hard time from the dealer when he pushed to try to get them covered.  They told him that he was lucky to get the second set of brakes covered as it was, and that there was no way he could get it covered a third time.  If I payed dealer prices to get my brakes and control arms replaced I would be a bit put off as well.  Perhaps it is different from dealer to dealer (I suspect it is) but the fact is, people are being charged for the stuff.  FWIW, I don't know what dealer he was using at the time and he now goes to an independent who he feels treats him better.


  Secondly, with regard
to what Steve wrote about Audi covering the cost of brake and
suspension issues going away....that's flat-out incorrect with regard
to the maintenance program.  Those are warranty issues, not
maintenance, and that warranty is not going away.  It's still a
bumper-to-bumper protection plan/warranty...it simply will not include
scheduled maintenance as part of the coverage at no cost.

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