[urq] Overflow cap

j.koenig j.koenig at adelphia.net
Tue Aug 1 14:55:18 EDT 2006

For what it's worth, most radiator pressure-testers will also be able to test the cap, and 
any well-equipped shop should be able to do it.

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From: "Brandon Rogers" <brogers at terrix.com>

Guys - just a quick heads up - something to keep the banter up really - while driving this 
weekend in 100F weather my coolant boiled over  - apparently my coolant overflow tank cap 
wore out.  It was only a few years old but could not keep a seal.  I picked up a couple 
yesterday for $4each and thought I'd throw this out there as its a cheap spare to keep in 
the car that could prevent a costly repair in these hot summer months.

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