[urq] [s-cars] SS line failures yet again

Joe Pizzimenti joe.pizzimenti at gmail.com
Sun Aug 13 10:42:30 EDT 2006

Properly manufactured SS lines are fine for the street.  To me, this means
lines that are properly swaged and changed at least once a year.  People
like to think that race car performance should have street car maintenance.
It's all part of the game.

Change them once a year and keep fresh fluid in them.  Not to mention taking
at least a quick glance at every oil change.


On 8/12/06, Brett Dikeman <brett at cloud9.net> wrote:
> Scotty D sent me a post to an Audiworld thread where a guy lost his
> brakes because a line burst (the lines came from Blau, by the way.)
> Other horror stories followed- one was a guy who nearly plowed over
> some kids at a school crosswalk.
> When will people learn?  How many failures and "close calls" will it
> take to convince people that stainless steel lines are not
> appropriate for the street?
> Brett
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