[urq] FS: Parts from my UrQ, and some other stuff

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Mon Aug 28 17:47:48 EDT 2006

I wanted to give another list of stuff that i have available... Sorry if some of it is a repeat:

ECU w/ 2Bennett 1.8bar chip from MC-1 engine
Wiring harness from MC-1 engine
Michelin man hose w/ 1k miles on it (essentially new)
Exhaust manifold, heat cycled, machined/planed flat, no cracks, no warping - 1k miles since machine work on it
titanium studs still in another exhaust manifold that would connect to the turbo
All CIS components, including aluminum igloo, aluminum urq airbox, both a WX metering head/lines/injectors, and MC metering head/lines and injectors
Intake manifold from WX engine
Interior/dash stuff from UrQ, very few cracks in dash - early style
UrQ aluminum g54  callipers (front callipers) w/ carriers
Entire rear suspension from late-style 4kq, including half shafts, subframe, strut housings
Stock springs, front and rear, for UrQ
Stock struts, front and rear, for urq
stock headlights and brackets for urq
stock front sway bar from coupe gt
some dash parts from late-style urq/4kq
other misc. stuff, ask if you think it'd be available...

if i think of other things, i'll let ya know... if you are interested in anything listed above, please contact me with an offer...

thanks in advance!

Michael S. Williams

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