[urq] AMP pins in early-style fusebox

Ado Sigal a.sigal at bluewin.ch
Tue Aug 29 16:25:46 EDT 2006

You can get those fuse box connectors still from VAG dealers. They come 
in form of two already crimped ends, and a foot of yellow wire. Same 
(round) connector fuse box is used on VW B3 chassis (Passat, Syncro, 
Santana, etc.) and perhaps some other of that era. If you for some 
reason can't get them, I'm sure there is few of those, and even complete 
good plugs with wires and new plugs in my box somewhere. Let me know.



Thatcher Hubbard wrote:

>I was planning on jumpering my fuel pump to pressure test my fancy new
>braided stainless fuel lines this Sunday.  I had gotten the AMP pin
>extractor and pulled the pin out of the back of one of the fusebox
>connectors, which actually served the same purpose (to ground the FP
>relay) with the old ECU.  I had clipped the wire to leave plenty of
>lead to crimp onto, but the insulation was pulling out of the rearmost
>set of crimps in the connector.  As I was trying to wiggle it back in,
>I broke the connector between the crimp and the actual receiver
>Long story short:  I need to find an AMP part number for the hollow
>pins that plug into the back of the fusebox on the early style cars.
>Barring that, if there is a lister in the Seattle area who has some
>laying around, or knows a place that might have a stock of them (so I
>can compare what I have) I'd appreciate any leads anybody could give
>The good news is that I have all of my sensors wired up, and when I
>turn my dizzy (out of the car of course) I hear my fuel injectors
>firing and the coil fires as well.  Hopefully I'm just an AMP
>connector and 12 hours worth of swearing and frustration away from a
>test fire!
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