[urq] '83 Wiring diagram errors in Bentley

j.koenig j.koenig at adelphia.net
Wed Aug 30 08:15:42 EDT 2006

The ESPN would be the same.  I have two versions with 1987 and 1989 copyright dates, and 
the quattro pages are the same.  I may not be remembering this accurately, and I should 
probably investigate further.

Either way, I'm sure Steve is right: "I don't think that a correct diagram exists for the 
pre '85 US cars."

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From: "Robert Pastore" <pastorer at optonline.net>

My Bentley is about 5 years old, so it probably ins't a 'first edition', or
if there is more than one edition.   It shows ISBN 0-8376-0373-0, and has a
copyright of 1989.

The diagram in question is "1984 Turbo Quattro" main wiring diagram, and it
is on pages 97.66-97.74. 

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