[urq] Calling Martin! Somebody riced your UrQ!!!

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Mon Dec 4 19:11:43 EST 2006

It's a photoshop treatment of a picture of Martin's ex-85 euro urq, not a real car. 

I agree the ground clearance is ridiculously low, and in real-life would make it borderline undriveable unless you had bling-bling (or Citroen, I guess)-style hydraulics. 

It'd still make a neat SEMA-type show car, though. I'd rather see a slammed urq than yet another S-car-du-jour with 400 lbs of ICE and twanky-deuces! 

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> Hmmm... I guess I think it is an interesting twist on the UrQ look... but can 
> you say "ground clearance?"
> I was wondering how they got it into the driveway without leaving fiberglass 
> behind.
> Dave 
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> Wow...
> I actually think it would look pretty cool if it were all one color, the 
> Veilside-style front bumper was less complicated, and it had some large audi 
> wheels on it instead of the pot-metal chromies. I DO think resolving the flares 
> into one long curve is pretty cool, as well as the S1-style intakes on the rear 
> quarters.
> I would be really annoyed if someone copped a picture of my car to do that 
> without at least asking permission, though...funny how Martin's driveway is 
> immediately recognizeable in the photo to us urq-list guys  :-)
> -Jon
> >>OMG!  Hadn't seen THAT done to an Urq yet!  
> >>Is that from Hungary or just posted by someone in Hungary?
> >>'Scuse me while I hurl...
> >>Ingo

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