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Justin cbrooks2 at san.rr.com
Sun Dec 10 01:37:53 EST 2006

Theres a good change you might have a small leak on the back of the head.
The coolant could be dripping on the down pipe, hence the steam...and no
sign of it otherwise.
Justin C.
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> > I have a 1986 Audi Quattro, type 44, every 3 months/2,000 km. I have
> > to fill in about 500 ml. of antifreeze into reservoir, the red
> > warning light with thermometer symbol blinks and makes a noise at
> > first, then just blinks and disappears.
> I thought the red light was a high temp warning?  And low coolant is
> just an amber warning?
> > When the car is idling I
> > notice some steam rising from front left of car. Notice nothing
> > conspicuous under hood. The car performs well.
> Wherever that coolant is coming out, even if only as steam, there should
> be some crusty antifreeze residue, greenish, whitish or bluish probably.
>   It might be hard to find, of course, if it is in a place hidden by
> some other component.
> One thing to keep in mind with cooling systems, when you replace one
> leaking part, the new higher internal pressure will often take out the
> next weakest link (everything being the same age).  You could find
> yourself doing the radiator, expansion tank, hoses, heater core, etc.
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