[urq] Re: Sometimes we bring this upon ourselves

Brandon Rogers brogers at terrix.com
Mon Feb 6 18:39:53 EST 2006

amen brother

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> I've seen urq owners undoubtedly upset the general
> public by weaving through traffic and doing 20+ over
> the limit.  Save the antics for the track, you're
> pissing off the general public and making this type of
> thing a possibility.
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> I just have to respond this comment.  Those urq owners that I know (some 
> pretty well) would NEVER exhibit this behavior.  We've put to much time 
> and money into our cars to risk them driving stupidly like this.  We may 
> drive them fast, but only when conditions warrant.  More than likely we'll 
> be the ones hit by idiots who are yakking on the cell phones when they 
> should be paying attention to their driving.
> Regards,
> Tony
> '83 urq #302
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