[urq] Cheapest Quattro ever!

Maurits Jonkergouw urq at moregraphics.nl
Wed Feb 8 06:14:26 EST 2006

That's a real bummer... On the upside: now you could re-sell your own car in 
parts and obtain a decent profit hehe :-)

All the best and good luck.


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> Well, I got a call from the insurance adjuster. I can buy my quattro back 
> as salvage for $99.
> That's right, just $99 dollars. I have no idea how they got that number, 
> but I guess they noticed one of the brand new tires on it, but missed the 
> other 3 and THE REST OF THE VEHICLE. Anyway, it doesn't look good for a 
> realistic settlement value.....
> Wolff

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