[urq] Tax Sheet

Bill Bennett bill_bennett at comcast.net
Wed Feb 8 01:58:58 EST 2006

Hey Javad.
 wanna know where I plan on spending my '05 tax returns from GW(the boob) 
and Orygun( well, too bad we have Kulongoski right now, Jim Hill?, well 
yeah,, he has the Palmer look(24) with YOU for my black bitch URQ.yeah gonna 
mod my bitch, and save all the Constantly Ineffiecent Stuff in a box, hmm to 
1B or 1C or to 2B, and the joy of building another wiring harness, do not 
get me wrong, I loved building the wiring harness. 034 ROCKS! the support is 
tits! name another company that gives cell phone support #'s, for the 
principles, you can't. I have yours and Christian's and know how to not 
abuse them.
 Bestust, Bill 

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