[urq] Lift Throttle Unintended Acceleration - '83 UrQ

Ben Swann benswann at comcast.net
Fri Feb 17 13:51:10 EST 2006

I thought it might have something to do with the WOT switch, but not in this
manner.  I doubt it because this happens when backing off the accelerator
and not necessarily letting the throttle slam shut.  There is nothing
physically wrong with the switch that keeps the throttle from closing.  I've
been all over this engine and now it is not broken or jammed.

I figured it may have to do with the adjustment of the switch - when it
open/closes, but other than where it opens with respect to throttle
position, WOT switch operation is normal.  I do not necessarily have it
adjusted to factory spec., so WOT switch is suspect.  Just looking for some
verification of this or something else - perhaps some BTDT.


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It could well be the WOT switch stopping the throttle from
closing. Worst case it will actually keep the throttle open
quite exciting when accelerating hard and then trying to
brake for a corner.

The bent piece of metal on the switch can cause the throttle
to stay open if it is not set properly, btdt.

Cheers, Mike

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OK - Being a little sarcastic here, and I don't mean to unbury two sets
of old phenomenon, yet I have an interesting feature my car presents
that I suppose could be described by the Subject line: Lift Throttle
Unintended Acceleration with my '83 Ur Quattro.


Basically, I'll be accelerating nearly Wide Open Throttle - no problem
there.  However, have noticed that when I begin to lift my foot off the
go pedal, either to reduce acceleration, or to slow down, there is a
momentary acceleration surge.  So I'm wondering what the cause may be.
It seems that there may be more power to be had, since the car briefly
seems more powerful when letting off the throttle, as it accelerates
briefly then it decelerates normally.  It also is a little unnerving
when you go to slow down and the car speeds up.



benswann at comcast.net


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