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I agree... as I installed an aluminum one on my 20v engine in my UrS.  In a car that heavy, it used to feel tricky getting it rolling from a standstill with an RS2 turbo.  I'm now running a significantly larger turbo, and with the lightened flywheel, it feels eager to jump off the line.
PS: Keep the Turkey... it's one of those things that makes us love these cars.
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Just a FWIW to all the 10V-ers out there (probably would work just as well  
for all other motors depending on the stock weight of the OE flywheel).
I just completed the engine swap on my newly acquired URQ (to replace the  
wrecked one), and in the process had a local machine/balancing shop lighten the  

flywheel. He took off as much material as he thought he dared which  resulted 
in a 10 pound reduction from 26 down to 16 pound final  weight.
The seat of the pants results are in and I feel it was well worth the  $90 
cost. Throttle response is much better, and drive-ability improved. The car  
overall just feels much quicker. I was originally concerned about standing  
problems (read stalling issues), but it actually seems better if any  change 
at all.
Highly recommended.
On a side note, as I recall the "turkey gobble" water pump noise on the 10  
valves is a result of the belt being too tight. Can anyone with a better memory 
 than mine confirm?

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