[urq] early rear subframe rubbers - not sure about ETKA or changes at car 500.

Louis-Alain Richard laraa at sympatico.ca
Tue Jan 10 17:34:09 EST 2006


Only the subframe itself is different from D-900501 upwards; it is related
to the change of style of suspension. All the bushings are exactly the same.

To help you in your search, which I did last year, here is the listing of
parts for a complete restoration of the rubber bits of the rear subframe:

You need:
857 199 419C : rear subframe front mounts (x2)
857 199 415B : rear subframe rear mounts (x2)
N 905 569 02 : rear subframe bolts (x4)

Note 1: 
857 599 431 : rear differential-to-subframe mounts (x2)
If these are NLA at dealer, you can use the 431 399 151D (x2) which is
readily available at any FLAPS for around 15$ each. However, the rubber is
softer than the 857 599 431, but the parts are dimensionally identical
(these are the front transmission to subframe mounts). BTDT.

Note 2:
If you want to do the front subframe at the same time (MG3 SG99 32-00):
857 199 415B : front subframe front mounts (x2), same as the rear's rears.
857 199 419B : front subframe rear mounts (x2), dimensionally identical to
the rear's fronts, but rubber must be harder/softer, I don't exactly know.
N 905 569 02 : rear subframe bolts (x4)

Note 3:
When I ordered all these parts at my dealership, the bill was over 800$CAN
for the 8 subframe bushings and 8 bolts. Then a fellow lister from Swiss
provided me the same 8 bushings for 105$CAN, and I installed the softer
transmission mounts for 30$CAN instead of 170$CAN. I did ordered the bolts
from Audi for 5$ each. So you WANT to check prices first, here in Canada, it
is totally insane sometimes.

1983 Quattro D-900463

> -----Message d'origine-----
>   well I was looking at ETKA  MG 5 SG 05  Illustartion 47-00 and I'm not
> sure if applies to my car D900497.    The subframe listed is  F 85-D-
> 900501>>
>   So I tried to order the bigger rubber mount  857 599 431  based on ETKA
> but I was wondering if it will fit my older suspension at all.  (tried
> means - sometimes they call me 3 days to 45 days later and tell me the
> part is obsolete).  Next I might try to order 857-199-415B - a smaller
> rubber mount.
>   Does any one know if these are correct part #'s  for D 497?
>   steve m.

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