[urq] Electrical Gremlins...

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Fri Jan 13 15:29:25 EST 2006

I usually just lurk and post info for PCC-ACNA DE's, but the lights on my urQ recently started acting goofy.  Given my pretty much horrible electrical skills I'm hoping for a little guidance.  Some symptoms:
- Car off, no switches on (i.e. no headlights, etc.) and apply brake pedal.  Rear brake lights do NOT lluminate, the directional lights in the FRONT bumper directional, the "corner" lights on the front fenders, and rear the hazard (yellow) lights illuminate.  I do have the dual filament holders in back.
- Hazard switch on.  Front directional and "corner" lights flash, but in the rear ONLY the driver-side red light flashes and it's BARELY noticeable.  Rear passenger side does not flash.
- Intermittently, when the turn-signal/directionals are used, they cycle as expected.  But quicker then normal and the "corner" lights in the front fenders cycle very quickly and weakly.  The dual green directional arrows in the instrument cluster flashes quicker then normal as well and illuminate weaker then normal.
I did recently replace the battery as well as replace the fuel injectors, but all was fine after that.  I did a check of all the obviously visible grounds in the engine bay, trunk, and under the rear seat.  Nothing has helped.
Any ideas are greatly appreciated!!
'85 urQ
former '93 urS4
former '87 4kq
'02 Tundra Tow Vehicle
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