[urq] .Ur Q meets 4000Q board computer

Andrew Finney afinn1 at gmail.com
Mon Jan 16 22:09:54 EST 2006

Thanks Steve and Tony. It seems the digidash is the only way to go..... if I
want to go that way.


On 1/16/06, Tony Lum <tlum at flash.net> wrote:
> At 08:58 PM 1/15/2006, Andrew Finney wrote:
> >Is it possible to adapt a 4000Q computer to work correctly with a 1985 Ur
> >Quattro. Assuming the inputs were there.... like an MC fuel distributer
> with
> >MPG output..... is there enough range in the MPG and range settings to
> get
> >the thing to work? Thanks.
> >
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> Like Steve says, you would need an MC mass airflow sensor to get the pot
> input for the computer.  But something more important would be
> missing.  The 4kq actually has a modified ecu (I think its a xxx xxx 264
> D)
> to help run the display.  The D ecu outputs a signal (pin 23) that I call
> enrichment or scaling level to the trip computer.  Without this signal the
> trip computer is way off.  I ran into this when I converted my '85 4kq to
> trip computer.  You would need some sort of digital mapper that used the
> pot as input and that could get pretty complicated to be accurate.
> A digidash from a 87.5 CGT would be a better bet.  It doesn't need the pot
> at all.  Just uses fuel level and speed to make its calculations.  It
> would
> be correct for a Euro urq if you can "adjust" to the way the digi-dash
> works.  There are a few parts missing that correct for the urq's bigger
> (90
> vs. 70 liter) tank.  I believe Steve Eiche has the info on that.
> HTH,
> Tony
> '83 urq #302

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