[urq] Water in the footwells : where to look for the leak ?

Jim Haseltine jim_haseltine at ntlworld.com
Fri Jan 20 17:24:19 EST 2006

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From: "Louis-Alain Richard" <laraa at sympatico.ca>

> 2 days ago, temps were around freezing point and it rained real hard. Now
> the rear driver side and the front passenger side are damp, the rear one
> really damp (I can even see the water...). Never had water in the car
> before.
> Anybody has a clue from where did the water came in ?

Were you driving the car in this weather?

If so lift the rear carpet and check in the corners where the rear foot well 
and trans tunnel meet the seat base - there's a metal blanking plug each 
side of the trans tunnel. I found that one had been 'popped' by the PO of my 
car  - don't know how he did it, suspect that he lowered the car on to 
something after jacking it.


Jim Haseltine

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