[urq] My Son's 034 EFI modded 4000CSQT

Bill Bennett ur.quattro at comcast.net
Sat Jan 21 21:21:34 EST 2006

This is an absolute blast! We did some quality time on country roads 
changing the timing and fuel mixtures(never opened the engine lid once) with 
CIS we had no boost in first gear and very little in 2nd, now 2nd gear is 
insane, the turbo spools incredibly fast in all gears! the intercooler temps 
are so low I read the intake temps from our Andial guage and on the 034 
dashboard, both read the same, we never got over 80F! the power is way tits 
and for once in this MC powered 4000, it slows down like a rock when you 
take your foot off the gas, a feature my Son loves. No we are not done 
tuning, but the improvement by adding the 034 EFI system and having all the 
CIS stuff in the garage and not in the car is amazing. Hot restart time 
after a heat soak? a second or two. way tits, yeah, working up a page of 
install photos and some videos with sound, the sound is way cool. Bestus, 

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