[urq] Water in Trunk (sunroof drains?) : where to look for the leak ?

Johan H milisen at hotmail.com
Sun Jan 22 13:10:06 EST 2006

I do not actually have a sunroof although I thought that the sunroof was a 
standard fit to all UrQs...

But thanks for the info!

Well the vents you are talking about receive water
from the sunroof drains (have a sunroof?) .  My CGT
gets water in the spare tire area and I suspect the
drain hoses from the sunroof might have cracked at the
ends near the vent - but the cgt is off the road and
garaged so I haven't been to motivated to track it
down.  Any BTDT,  can I remove the vent grills or will
I have to remove the headliner to replace the sunroof

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