[urq] Motivating Audi to produce Parts

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don't drive your urq in the winter if you want to keep the body panels......they tend to look nicer with the panels intact.  $1057 for a new rear quarter????  + labor.......seems a shame, no more like a crime not to beat the ury in the snow but the salt will eat that car quick, i drove mine for 2 months one winter and now am spending my holiday doing body work.  still haven't heard if those sacrificial anode rust prevention systems work well.....i know the keep subs from disappearing...... 

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	I think it was Martin who said (please correct me if I'm wrong) that 
	UrQuattro owners fall into two groups, the purists and the modifiers. and I'll  throw
	in a third group as a little mix of both purist and modifier. That said 
	along with the other concerns we have for the lack of factory produced parts,  has
	anyone made a list of UrQuattro specific parts that are NLA? Besides the 
	ball joints and upper strut mounts and sun visor clips (the first things that 
	pop into my head) Is anyone here up to getting one together and having it 
	accessible through Audifans? I'd like to see a full list of the parts we can not 
	get from Audi. I'd also like to see a list of alternate parts that are either 
	"bolt on replacement" or "slightly modify to make it work" parts. With any
	luck,  I'd like to start driving my UrQ #170 by the middle of this summer. on a
	regular  basis. I'm toying with the idea of selling my S4 and all my AAN stuff
	and using  my UrQ as a summer/winter car and getting a 911 for the summer/nice
	days. If I'm  serious enough about this, I'll need the UrQ to be as reliable
	as possible.  Which leads us back to getting parts for these German toys.
	Just a thought,
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