[urq] Motivating Audi to produce Parts

Steve Eiche seiche at shadetreesoftware.com
Wed Jul 5 00:14:06 EDT 2006

I think that if you looked, you would find that most ur quattro parts are NLA, other than some things that were shared with other high volume models.  Interior and trim pieces? Forget it.  Body parts?  Only if you are lucky.  I have bought a bunch of little things over the years that I am glad that I snagged before they went obsolete, like new bumper plugs, new B and C pillar trim, misc. window trim, window decals, etc.  One thing I REALLY wish that I would have gotten is the outer door window seals.  Mine are gone, and I haven't been able to find a good set used.  Not sure what I will do there.

Now there is a phone number for the VW/Audi Classic Parts Center listed in ETKA.  The phone number is +49 (0) 5361-308577-22 for water cooled cars, fax is +49 (0) 5361-308577-77.  It might be worthwhile for someone to ring them up and see if there really are parts there.  Supposedly this was the place that obsolete parts are sent.


Jim wrote:

I think it was Martin who said (please correct me if I'm wrong) that  
UrQuattro owners fall into two groups, the purists and the modifiers. and I'll  throw 
in a third group as a little mix of both purist and modifier. That said  
along with the other concerns we have for the lack of factory produced parts,  has 
anyone made a list of UrQuattro specific parts that are NLA? Besides the  
ball joints and upper strut mounts and sun visor clips (the first things that  
pop into my head) Is anyone here up to getting one together and having it  
accessible through Audifans? I'd like to see a full list of the parts we can not  
get from Audi. I'd also like to see a list of alternate parts that are either  
"bolt on replacement" or "slightly modify to make it work" parts. With any 
luck,  I'd like to start driving my UrQ #170 by the middle of this summer. on a 
regular  basis. I'm toying with the idea of selling my S4 and all my AAN stuff 
and using  my UrQ as a summer/winter car and getting a 911 for the summer/nice 
days. If I'm  serious enough about this, I'll need the UrQ to be as reliable 
as possible.  Which leads us back to getting parts for these German toys.

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