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How about the speedo cable? If you have a car that has a 2-piece cable, you
can no longer buy the lower half (haven't tried to buy the upper half). So,
I would think that an case could be made that we can no longer even keep
our cars legal for the road! I don't know who to present the case to, but
the problem does exist. There are even several alternatives that exist
(Quantum, EARLY 5k, Dasher all come to mind) for that lower cable that are
ALL NLA as well.

The same would apply for the Early Euro and Canadian cars as well, that had
the single piece cables. That part is NLA on a global level, as well.

Basically, unless you have an 85' or later car: When your speedo cable
breaks, unless you are able to find one in a junkyard or swicth to a later
instrument cluster (with assoc. wiring changes), you are done reading your
speedometer and having accurate mileage on your odometer.

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I think that if you looked, you would find that most ur quattro parts are
NLA, other than some things that were shared with other high volume models.
Interior and trim pieces? Forget it.  Body parts?  Only if you are lucky. 
I have bought a bunch of little things over the years that I am glad that I
snagged before they went obsolete, like new bumper plugs, new B and C
pillar trim, misc. window trim, window decals, etc.  One thing I REALLY
wish that I would have gotten is the outer door window seals.  Mine are
gone, and I haven't been able to find a good set used.  Not sure what I
will do there.

Now there is a phone number for the VW/Audi Classic Parts Center listed in
ETKA.  The phone number is +49 (0) 5361-308577-22 for water cooled cars,
fax is +49 (0) 5361-308577-77.  It might be worthwhile for someone to ring
them up and see if there really are parts there.  Supposedly this was the
place that obsolete parts are sent.


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