[urq] Who let the dogs out?!?!?

urquattro at comcast.net urquattro at comcast.net
Wed Jul 5 14:13:55 EDT 2006

Oh, did I say dogs? I meant modified 944 intercooler. 

And I was the one that let it out, so Billy Bob Bennett can take it to his TIG fab. guy and make a similar one for Tony's EFI 4k turbo. Anybody who wants pics/measurements of the endtank modification should bug Bill for them in the next week or so. Also, anyone who has a core and is within driving distance of Portland, Oregon is welcome to borrow it for a few days if they want to "copy" one for themselves.  I'm offering now because once it's back in, I'd like to keep it in.

A few pics are here, for those who are wondering what I'm talking about:



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