[urq] Rotary Compressor?

hmarcnguyen at netscape.net hmarcnguyen at netscape.net
Mon Jul 17 16:19:20 EDT 2006

Eric wrote:
>A local A/C shop tells me that my compressor is the source of a major
>leak.  While I'm getting a second opinion on that, I've been researching
>my options.  I don't relish paying $600 for a rebuilt compressor.  Has
>anyone converted to a rotary style?  I know there are lots of brackets
>available for converting cars with full-size Yorks, but I wonder if
>anyone knows of an adapter for the "mini" York on the urq.  Space is
>tight between the pully and the front of the condenser, so I presume
>I'll need a relatively shallow design with the ports on top.
If I remember right, I got a rebuilt compressor from Polar Bear (www.polarbearinc.com) in FL for well less then $200 last year.  Prices aren't listed on the site, but give them a call.  Very knowledgeable and helpful guys there.


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