[urq] early car support

Brandon Rogers brogers at terrix.com
Fri Jul 21 11:39:05 EDT 2006

yikes.  That is pretty pricey - and yes I agree I would rather fend for
myself than pay that kind of money....
But that said I wonder how much parts are for their 80's cars....

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Brandon, I'm not sure you can use the Merc example. A good friend of
mine has a nice collection of older Mercedes. Yes, he brags he can get
any part he needs but believe me, Merc makes a TON on those parts. He
recently paid over $5k for a fuel pump for a 1940 <something-or-other>.
There really are people out there that money is no object. I'm not one
of them...  8-(
84 Urq

Brandon Rogers <brogers at terrix.com> wrote:

At the risk of beating a dead horse - the new Automobile Magazine has a
write up on the new RS4, and as I think Mike C mentioned, the article
cover pic also features a white urquattro. In the same magazine there
is an article that features Mercedes Benz and their dedication to their
early and historic cars. Ironic? Got me thinking that if we ALL sent a
letter (could be the same letter) and included a photocopy of said
article pic featuring the urquattro and the entire article about MB -
maybe that would get someone's attention.

just thinking...

'84 ur
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