[urq] Audi urq/SQ "Parts Dump" List - PDF Converted to Word

urquattro at comcast.net urquattro at comcast.net
Fri Jul 21 18:20:27 EDT 2006

Hey All,
While my deranged (shudder) former office mate is on extended vacation pending the bosses getting up the nerve to finally fire his useless ass, I snuck onto his computer and converted the .pdf parts list to a word-compatible Rich Text format. I did a practice run of pasting it into the Alta Vista bablefish with some success, although it eneded up being a continuous blob of "mostly" translated stuff. 

If anyone with some decent document translation software wants to take this the next step to being nice and readable in the correct tabular format, I will happily forward them the .rtf file. 


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