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Patrick Carlier p.carlier at pandora.be
Sat Jul 22 03:56:09 EDT 2006

There's now Megasquirt'n spark-extra , wich is a highgly advanced
version of the basic magasuirt we had two years ago .
And there are many audi I5 , I5 turbo and even 20Vt engines running on
megasquirt today .
My audi  has a dual fuel setup . Both lpg and petrol injection controlled
with a single megasuirt . Fuels switch on the press of a button on the dash
No other efi I'm aware of can do this .

And yet a diy megasquirt efi kit can be bought for less then 200$ .
Yes that's no typo : 200$


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... I think I've mentioned this in the past, but since we're on the subject

*WHEN* I have time I have been planning to integrate the "EFI332" system to
my car using the flywheel and distributor (or I may integrate an Audi-style
cam sensor to replace it) sensors Audi installed.  MegaSquirt was an
offshoot of the DIY-EFI/EFI332 e-mail lists ... I believe that it uses the
added timing wheel, like 034EFI, so it may not have the flexibility to
change sensors.  When you think about it, counting flywheel teeth should
give you better inherent resolution than the typical 60 or so events the
auxiliary timing wheel provides.  I have a full EFI332 kit, which some day I
will assemble and test.  Am I the only one here considering this sort of
strategy?  Anyone interested in some kind of collaborative project?

Steve B
San José, CA (USA)
> I'm interested in knowing more about this excess advance situation ... I
> thought the 034EFI stuff used the separate timing wheel (which is the main
> reason I tend not to consider that system for myself) ... so it can't be
> because the "TDC" pin on the WX is located in a different place than it is
> the MC ...
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