[urq] SQ spare tire/wheel

Mike Del Tergo mdeltergo at hotmail.com
Tue Jul 25 07:01:16 EDT 2006

I had a fullsize spare in mine when I bought it, a stock 15 x 7 steel rim 
with a standard 205 60 15 Eagle NCT on it.  It had plenty of clearance that 
would lead me to think that a 15 x 8 would fit fine.  It sat leaning top 
toward front of the car and bottom towards rear, with the outside face of 
the rim up.  It was held in place with a 3 inch wide web belt bolted to the 
rear bumper fascia, can't quite recall the top anchor point.  Needless to 
say it limited the trunk space even more, but it fit fine, if a full size is 
you hot button, not mine which is why the spare is now in Bill B's garage!

From: Steve Eiche <>
Subject: Re: [urq] SQ spare tire/wheel

I think that you will find mounting a 15x8 quite impossible with the added
bracing in the trunk on the US ur quattro.  If you cut it out, it would 
but that would make the back of the vehicle much more fragile in a crash.  
what I have seen, even a low speed impact would buckle the quarters badly.  
would also need the Euro trunk trim.


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