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So THAT's what it is! My relatively low mileage (74k) and even less sun-exposed (Mostly lived in Minnesota and here in Oregon) urq STILL gets a mystery accumulation of yellowish melted wax on the door sills which I clean off but re-appears everytime the car gets parked outside in the hot weather for a few days. 

Close the files on that one!

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Taken directly from the South Africa Audi Site:

"In 1985 Audi became the first car manufacturer to introduce the  
fully-galvanised car body for a major series. The practical findings  
over the past ten years speak for themselves: all the available  
statistical reports confirm that this measure has been a remarkable  
success. The report by the German Technical Control Association (TUV),  
for instance, which painstakingly lists all defects detected year  
after year, awards top marks for Audi's anti-corrosion measure."

I believe this only applied to type 44 and their successor cars and  
then later to the B3(1988 Models) and later cars.

85-87 Type 85 cars (except I believe the Urq) Had a wax protective  
coating/dip.  I rember still cleaning the melting wax from my '85 4kq  
seven years later!


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