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Can you throw an E55 on the order form while you're at it? 

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Nah, I don't care for the looks of the front end.  I'd settle for an S
class coupe with the V12 seeing that we are dreaming...


Pasqualoni, James E wrote:

>So you're gonna get that SLR then Steve?  :-)
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>Yes, AMC had hot dipped galvanized bodies, and I believe it started on 
>the '80 Concord, Spirit and Eagle models.  There are still a bunch of 
>Eagles running around here in CO, because of the AWD and galvanized 
>bodies.  Funny, but AMC beat Audi to market with both of those 
>technologies. My Dad worked for AMC (and Nash) from '49 to '79, so we 
>always had at least one AMC.  We never had a Pacer though, as my Mom 
>wouldn't let Dad get one. My first car, unfornutely, was a '74 Hornet X

>hatchback with a 258 I6 and three speed on the floor.  Aweful car, but 
>actually fairly quick.
>The truly funny thing is that with all the mergers, my Dad (and 
>therefore I) qualify for employee pricing on Mercedes vehicles. Who'd a

>thunk it...

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