[urq] What is everyone's opinion about Audi's parts

hmarcnguyen at netscape.net hmarcnguyen at netscape.net
Mon Jul 31 23:28:42 EDT 2006

Steve wrote:

> FWIW, I think that I also talked a neighbor out of getting a new A6 yesterday.  He came over to ask about maintenance 
> costs, etc., with Audis.  I told him about the fact that Audi has just stopped covering maintenance items on new '07 
> cars, and that with what the local dealers charge for those kinds of things, it will likely make a BIG difference during his 
> ownership of the car.  He was under the impression that Audi still had the bumper to bumper coverage.  Another 
> neighbor had thousands of dollars of repairs covered by Audi (lots of brake and suspension issues) that would likely no 
> longer be covered.  He loves the car, but won't buy another for fear of having to pay for the same issues. I doubt 
> that those sales will ever come back.
I pretty much agree that maintaining Audi's new or old is not an inexpensive proposition, but just wanted to clarify that the inclusive maintenance part of the bumper-to-bumper warranty is going to be an "option" starting in '07.  From what I have been told by a couple of the local ACNA dealership sponsors, adding maintenance to the 4 yr/50k warranty is going to be something like $450.  I still think it will have a negative impact on sales and perception, but it's not completely gone.

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